Bluetooth® Low Energy and a World of IoT Connectivity

The market for wirelessly connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices is expected to grow explosively over the next few years, so developers are rushing to find the best platforms and tools with which to build their systems. But making the right choices can be challenging. Connectivity options include Classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth Smart (also called Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE) for point-to-point, Wi-Fi® for IP gateways, or zigbee® and Thread for mesh networks that enable machine-to-machine connections. The fastest growing segments of the IoT are personal area networking (PAN) apps that give humans access to and control of the devices in their immediate environment or that they wear on their bodies. Because the protocol is already incorporated into virtually every mobile and smartphone, Bluetooth is the fastest and least expensive route to accomplish this objective. It provides users with a familiar and convenient connectivity option, and developers with a familiar set of building blocks. Bluetooth allows developers to build IoT systems across a variety of applications and do so in the most costeffective manner on a platform flexible enough to meet varying operating constraints.

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