How to do Failure Analysis on Locked IoT Devices

Product returns for IoT devices can be challenging. A device should be securely locked down as much as possible before being deployed to the field. However, when a device fails in the field, you want the ability to open the device up in order to understand the root cause and remove the issue from future devices. Through new device security features, the best of both worlds can now be achieved.

Device makers focus a lot of their attention on making the best IoT product possible - making it attractive and valuable to customers, selecting the right materials, ensuring reliable manufacturing, and making sure the hardware and software are of high quality. Device makers also take care of the security of their product, making sure the software can be updated in the field so they can fix issues that arise.

As an increasing amount of their products are deployed, eventually issues will occur, and the success of their product can often depend greatly on how they address these issues. Addressing them poorly can result in angry customers, bad reviews and potentially a failed product. Addressing issues properly can make customers feel cared for and result in years of friction-free sales at large volumes.

This paper reviews how to do failure analysis on locked IoT devices, and how it can be simplified through proper observability into the product without compromising product security and intellectual property (IP) protection.

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