The Advantages of Pre-programmed Bluetooth & Wi-Fi® Modules for IoT Developers

By Parker Dorris, Senior Product Manager, Silicon Labs.

The most successful IoT products make Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity easy for end customers to setup and use. Delivering that ease-of-use presents significant design challenges for developers of smart home appliances, sensors, electric vehicles, and other connected products.

The lack of time and resources in companies with limited in-house wireless design expertise can lead to slipped delivery schedules and multiple product re-designs. The four typical stages of the wireless development process are: software/firmware development (including embedded coding and debugging), hardware design and certification, mobile app development, and cloud connectivity. The development process can take up to a year to complete, and each stage has its own hurdles to overcome. This whitepaper discusses the unique challenges presented in each development stage and highlights how leveraging pre-programmed, pre-certified wireless modules drastically streamlines the product development cycle for IoT developers

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