EM35x System-on-Chip (SoC) / Network Co-Processor (NCP)​ for Zigbee

EM35x devices for Zigbee are the industry’s leading ARM® Cortex®-M3 based family of Zigbee SoCs delivering unmatched performance, power consumption and code density in a compact package. EM35x SoCs combine a 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4 radio transceiver with a 32-bit microprocessor, Flash memory and RAM with powerful hardware supported network-level debugging features. Tightly integrated with EmberZNet PRO, a Zigbee-compliant mesh networking software which is the most deployed Zigbee platform in the market, these devices and tools enable OEMs to simplify development and accelerate time to market. 


Due to the evolution of the Zigbee protocol, Flash and RAM requirements have increased.  We recommend migrating to EFR32MG devices with more Flash and memory to future proof designs:

  • EFR32MG13 for battery-powered Zigbee or Thread applications
  • EFR32MG12 for Zigbee, Thread and multiprotocol applications
  • EFR32MG21 for mains powered mesh applications including lighting, gateways and voice assistants

EM35x Common Specs

  • Industry leading ARM Cortex-M3 based family of zigbee SoCs
  • Exceptional RF performance
  • 128 kB and 192 kB Flash variants available
  • 12 kB RAM
  • Large Flash/RAM variants to accommodate the most sophisticated applications
  • Lowest deep sleep current and multiple sleep modes
  • Excellent immunity to other 2.4 GHz devices for reliable co-existence
  • Built-in memory protection
  • Flexible antenna interface allows easy antenna connection with or without P
  • Flash guaranteed for 20,000 write cycles, enhances token storage capability via SIM-EEPROM
  • AES 128 hardware encryption engine with true random number generator
  • Hardware supported network level debugging with packet trace port
  • Capable of being zigbee Coordinator, Router, or End Device
  • Multi-networks feature supported by EmberZNet PRO


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Part Number MCU Core Flash RAM Frequency Range Deep Sleep Current USB GPIO 2nd Adj Channel Rejection +12/-13 MHz 802.11g Rejection TX Power RX Current TX Current Crystal Frequency Temperature Range (ºC)
ARM Cortex-M3 128 12 2400 2500 0.4 (no timer) 24 46 -55 8 26.5 31 (normal @ +3 dBm) 24 -40 85
ARM Cortex-M3 192 12 2400 2500 0.4 (no timer) 24 46 -55 8 26.5 31 (normal @ +3 dBm) 24 -40 85

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