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Silicon Labs’ Zigbee Expertise Shines in Blaze Automation’s B.One OS Powered by Zigbee Gateways, Controls, and Sensors


A fragmented IoT market with a wide variety of standards and protocols destined users to face long, complicated installations that may or may not fit their requirements. Blaze Automation, a pioneering IoT company out of India, saw an opportunity in the home automation market as the landscape started to evolve.

Technological advancements, rising consumer interest, and more approachable pricing in India made it possible for original design manufacturers (ODMs) across the country to innovate in home automation and IoT.

Blaze Automation’s solution? The B.One OS—an intuitive system of IoT hubs, sensors, and controls that’s designed for powerful device management and better security. By emphasizing open standards and protocols, reducing manual interventions, and incorporating security early in development, the team continues to prioritize human centricity and interoperability.

The Challenge

To leverage positive advancements in home automation IoT, user-experience expertise, and integration know-how to create a better IoT solution for security and energy management.

The Solution

Zigbee chipsets, modules (including MGM21 and MGM24), and software stacks, representing the breadth and depth of Silicon Labs’ wireless connectivity expertise.

The Result

B.One OS is a powerful and intuitive Zigbee-based IoT system that makes homeowners and businesses more efficient and secure.

Committing to Zigbee

Zigbee has gained traction in home automation and IoT lately. This wireless technology has emerged as the preferred protocol for key stakeholders in telecommunication, utilities, and consumer electronics. Their endorsement, along with groups like the Zigbee Alliance and Zigbee Cluster Library, is driving broader adoption and notable performance improvements.

Many smart home devices, including smart bulbs, sensors, and smart home hubs, use Zigbee for communication. Blaze Automation sees several benefits to using Zigbee networking in the context of home automation, including:

  • Low power consumption
  • Mesh networking
  • Interference resistance
  • Low latency
  • Secure communication
  • Support for numerous devices
  • Low cost
  • Range

The Pursuit of Excellence in Zigbee

Since 2018, Blaze Automation has partnered with Silicon Labs in pursuit of excellence in Zigbee-based IoT solutions. A majority of Blaze Automation’s sensors and controls are based on Zigbee devices from Silicon Labs; this includes Zigbee chipsets, modules (MGM21 and MGM24), and software stacks.

Silicon Labs’ Zigbee devices have contributed to the success and efficiency of Blaze Automation’s IoT projects and smart device development by:


  • Ensuring seamless interoperability between Zigbee devices from different manufacturers and ecosystems
  • Striking a balance between robust functionality and low power consumption, especially for battery-operated Zigbee devices
  • Creating scalable Zigbee networks to accommodate more devices without compromising on performance
  • Maintaining reliable communication in Zigbee networks, especially in the face of potential interference
  • Addressing security concerns related to data privacy and wireless communications

Devices aside, Blaze Automation’s experience with Silicon Labs’ support team is consistently positive. Effective communication, technical proficiency, and a collaborative approach contribute to development successes.

Looking Forward

The team at Blaze Automation will remain focused on delivering innovative security and surveillance equipment, including locks, millimeter wave (mmWave) presence detectors, video doorbells, and cameras. Advancing these product lines includes prioritizing robust security features and seamless integration with other smart home ecosystems. As essential components of smart home technology, these devices play a pivotal role in enhancing the safety of residential and commercial spaces. Blaze Automation is also advancing the conversion of existing devices based on the Matter protocol; the team believes it’s crucial to provide clients with devices that incorporate the latest technologies. For the time being, the company intends to retain popular Zigbee devices too.

Concurrently, Blaze Automation is committed to expanding its offerings into energy management using its highly customizable architecture. The team is looking to redefine energy efficiency by empowering users to monitor, optimize, and conserve energy using their Smart Home Energy Management Systems (SHEMS).

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