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03/20/2024 | Devanjan Sikdar | 2 Min Read

Matter is an open-source connectivity standard for smart home and IoT (Internet of Things) devices. It aims to improve interoperability and compatibility between different manufacturers, promoting seamless communication among internet-connected devices.


Matter’s Initial Promise – Benefits of Building with Matter

Matter, as a smart home standard, was designed to simplify the smart home ecosystem. It aimed to allow devices to be provisioned with any phone, work across major platforms like Amazon, Google, or Apple, and avoid becoming obsolete. The vision included less fragmentation, improved security, and fewer obsolete devices.


Adoption Challenges for Building with Matter

Like any new spec, there are often challenges for early adopters. Matter, with its bold promise to launch with a large number of compatible devices and work across various ecosystems, is no exception. Constant improvements to Matter bring wider product support, easing complexity for manufacturers, delivering upgrades to existing devices, and creating a smoother user experience. We are committed to fulfilling Matter’s initial promise by addressing challenges through regular specifications updates.


What Does the Current Matter Specification Offer?

Matter has evolved significantly since the first specification. From Matter 1.0 to 1.1, what does the current specification, Matter 1.2, have to offer? Matter 1.2, the second update to the Matter protocol, brings exciting enhancements and new features for device makers and platforms. Matter 1.2 includes core specification and software development kit (SDK) improvements.

The certification program for Matter 1.2 is now open, and member companies are gearing up to bring these enhancements and new device types to market, including washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, room air conditioners, robotic vacuums, air-quality sensors, air purifiers, smoke/CO2 alarms, and fans, throughout 2024 and beyond.

Future-proofing is a strategic approach that ensures your technology remains relevant and adaptable in the face of evolving market dynamics and technological advancements. Whether you’re developing Matter products or any other software solutions, here are some key considerations for future-proofing:

  1. Understanding User Needs: Continuously monitor how your technology is being used and anticipate how those use cases might evolve. Stay in sync with buyers, users, and customers to adapt to changing needs.
  2. Upgradability: Make your technology upgradable—build it in a way that allows you to add new features and functionalities seamlessly. This flexibility ensures you can evolve your solutions over time.
  3. Security and Interoperability: Prioritize consumer security while ensuring hassle-free interoperability. For Matter products, this means easy setup, clear paths to certification, and compatibility across popular IoT ecosystems like Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, and Apple HomeKit.
  4. Market Updates and Q&A: Stay informed about the latest developments in the Matter protocol. Attend Matter technical training like our Tech Talks and sessions that provide insights into scaling secure products, market updates, and enhanced support for low-power sensor devices. Supporting low-power sensor devices involves a delicate balance between functionality, energy efficiency, and compatibility.

On top of a strategic approach to development, device certification also becomes important. Certification ensures interoperability and security. Solution providers like Silicon Labs can help manufacturers streamline matter certification and ensure compliance with Matter specifications so that they can stay focused on building high-quality products.

Scaling up secure smart home Matter products requires a holistic approach involving hardware, software, and collaboration within the industry. By adhering to Matter standards and best practices, you can create reliable and secure products that enhance the smart home experience for users.


Learn How to Build with Matter – Register for Matter Tech Talks Series

If you are eager to learn more, you are at the right place. The Matter Tech Talk series has been created to help IoT developers design products that deliver great experiences for users across ecosystems, including Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, and Apple HomeKit for consumer and industrial applications. Silicon Labs is coming out with four Tech Talks with access to live Q&A on the following Matter topics:

  1. The Final Step Matters: Scaling Secure Products Into Volume Production
  2. Matter Technology and Market Updates and Q & A with the Connectivity Standard Alliance
  3. Future Proofing Your Matter Products
  4. Matter Specification Updates and Enhanced Support for Low Power Sensor Devices

The Matter Tech Talks kicked off on February 15, 2024. Register for FREE to our Matter Tech Talks series to learn how to build with Matter Looking forward to seeing you. Let’s learn, grow and #BuildWithMatter together in pursuit of a smarter, more connected world!

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