Kudelski IoT is Now Part of the Silicon Labs Technology Partner Program

12/12/2022 | Mike Dow | 1 Min Read

Silicon Labs would like to welcome Kudelski IoT as an official member of our Technology Partner Program, which we’ve established to bring cutting edge technologies to the IoT through our network of Industry-Leading technology partners who have enabled their technology on our platform. Together, Silicon Labs and Kudelski IoT are collaborating to bring together end-to-end security technologies to meet the needs of the IoT.


The Market Problem

Securing the IoT end-to-end, from design through development, while enforcing the security requirements of standards bodies and government regulations creates headwinds against the adoption of best-in-class security for scaled IoT solutions. To achieve the promised economic and business benefits of the IoT, adoptees often must overcome challenges with OT/IT interoperability, cybersecurity, installation, and security talent management. Securely connecting devices to the cloud is challenging with many complex steps: you need to develop code, sign code, provision credentials, use those credentials to secure access to an application – all of that’s just to connect a device to an IoT Platform.

Once you create these certificates and the public/private keys needed for a truly secure system, the process of managing the certificates, secrets, and infrastructure is an added challenge.An automated device onboarding solution based on a verified, pre-injected device identity and true hardware root of trust, when paired with a certificate management service and certificate authority service, can help reduce risk for individuals, companies, and mission critical assets.


The Partnership Solution

Silicon Labs has partnered with Kudelski IoT to extend our Silicon hardware capabilities and to assist customers with their end-to-end security needs after chipset manufacturing.

Today, with the Silicon Labs custom part manufacturing service (CPMS) and Secure Vault® SoC technology, we can ensure the foundation of your IoT Solution is secure with a hardware root of trust that leverages secure boot and our other advanced cryptographic capabilities. By integrating with the Silicon Labs chipset, Kudelski can help customers provision devices with their application credentials to enable late onboarding or “zero-touch” onboarding use cases post-manufacturing in addition to providing the PKI infrastructure needed for end-to-end security.

Building a secure and sustainable product requires not only secure design and production, but also device lifecycle management. Lifecycle management includes secure onboarding of devices onto customer’s network, managing ownership change, and revocation and renewal of credentials.

Silicon Labs customers will have the option to leverage their existing workflows with the additional option to integrate the keySTREAM Trusted Agent (KTA) into device firmware to enable management of device security credentials and execute network and application onboarding to a major cloud backend infrastructure. By registering devices with the Kudelski KeySTREAM platform, device ownership can be automatically established during the onboarding process based on a custom Silicon Labs certificate chain, resulting in a fully automated and scalable onboarding solution where device manufacturers do not need to manage customer credentials.

We’re excited to announce the partnership. Please contact your Silicon Labs sales representative for more details.

Mike Dow
Mike Dow
Sr. Product Manager of IoT Security
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