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Getting Started with SDK 6.71 and Security S2

We recommend going through the Security S2 white paper and the following important documents. These documents are the stepping stone for Security S2 and the latest Z-Wave SDK 6.71.

Z-Wave SDK 6.7x Software and Support Documents

Download the Z-Wave SDK 6.71 for secured Z-Wave applications. We updated most Z-Wave documents to reflect the new changes. These documents are necessary for robust and secured Z-Wave application development using SDK 6.71.

SDK 6.71.03 (Release Date 08/01/2018)
Working in 500 Series Environment User Guide
Z-Wave SDK 6.71: Serial API
Serial API Host Application Programming Guide

Z-Wave SDK 6.71 Features

Routing slave supporting non-secure, S0 and S2 security

Routing slaves with no external NVM now supports Security S2. The number of destinations, routing capabilities, etc are not changed in the routing slaves.

But, to support Security S2 a number of limitations are necessary. This is due to code space shortage in routing slaves.

  • The routing slave can only hold one key, hence only S2 unauthenticated key is supported.
  • The most recently used S2 SPAN is saved in critical RAM, before routing slave goes into Sleep mode. This will help to minimize S2 SPAN re-synchronization after POWER UP.
  • Can not send S2 multicast, but can receive S2 multicast.

Enhanced 232 Slaves with 1 Mbit external NVM support OTA

Enhanced 232 Slaves with 1 Mbit of external NVM now support OTA update by using compressed HEX files.

But, this required a two step approach if you are updating from a Z-Wave SDK version 6.51.XX.

  • Step 1: Update SDK 6.51.xx to SDK 6.60.00 with a new bootloader. This is to add support for a new compressed HEX file format.
  • Step 2: Update application from SDK 6.60.00 intermediate application to SDK 6.70 and SDK 6.71 based application.


Inclusion Controller Support

SDK 6.7x based inclusion controller informs SIS/SUC that a new node is added to the network and that SIS has to perform additional required setup. Z-Wave Plus Lifeline configuration and Security S2 bootstrapping is carried out by SIS.

Client Side Authentication

This feature enables OTA firmware update from a S0 device to a S2 device. User can enter QR code of controller onto joining device (client side authentication). This feature is especially targeted door locks having a keypad.

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