Bluetooth Xpress BGX Arduino Shield

Build a Bluetooth-connected proof-of-concept prototype of your design in a day using Bluetooth Xpress BGX Arduino shield.

Combine Bluetooth Xpress’s ease of use with all the sensors, actuators, and human interface components of the Arduino platform to build your Bluetooth 5-connected proof of concept today.



What’s on the board

The BGX Arduino shield follows the standard, stackable shield form factor, enabling developers to combine multiple shields to an Arduino base board to add features and functionality. In addition, the shield includes on-board sensors and connectors:

  • BGX13S Bluetooth Xpress in System In Package (SiP) form factor
  • LED driver and controller circuitry
  • Temperature sensor
  • Ambient light sensor

Step 1: Download Firmware Library

Firmware Library

  • BGX Shield Arduino firmware library
  • Example sketches using the library
  • Board schematic and layout files
  • Bluetooth Xpress interface software library documentation

A firmware library, importable into Arduino IDE, enables connection and communication across a Bluetooth link with just a few lines in an Arduino sketch. As developers move past the prototype phase and into product development, the source code for this library provides a straightforward porting path toward a production-ready firmware project. The board also provides an example of best practices for PCB design with the Bluetooth Xpress BGX13S SiP package. Finally, interface with your design using a smartphone with the Silicon Labs BGX Commander mobile app, available on both iOS and Android. This app, built using the Xpress framework, provides a template for customer-specific app architecture when designing Bluetooth-xpress enabled products.

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