MSRP $175.00

Bluegiga DKBLE Bluetooth Development Kit

The DKBLE Bluetooth Smart Development Kit provides the proper environment for developing and prototyping Bluetooth Smart applications. The kit contains a ready-to-use hardware platform and a Bluetooth Smart Software Development Kit including all the necessary documentation and PC tools.

MSRP $175.00


DKBLE Development Kit Contents:

  • DKBLE evaluation board
    • UART-to-USB converter
    • 3 software-programmable buttons
    • Display (SPI)
    • 3-axis accelerometer
    • Altimeter
    • Potentiometer
    • IO headers
    • CR2032 battery holder
    • TPS62730 DC/DC converter
    • Debug interface + on-board CC debugger
    • External SPI flash (for OTA updates)
  • BLE121LRBLE113-ABLE113-A-M256K and BLE112 carrier boards
  • BLED112 USB dongle
  • USB cable
  • Documentation

Bluetooth Smart Software Includes:

  • A full Bluetooth Smart stack with L2CAP, ATT, GATT, and Security Manager
  • BGAPI™ binary protocol for applications with separate host (MCU)
  • BGScript™ scripting language for standalone applications
  • Profile Toolkit™ for Bluetooth low energy profile development

Bluetooth Smart SDK Contains:

  • BGAPI and BGScript documentation
  • BGLib host library, which implements BGAPI protocol (ANSI C)
  • BGScript compiler
  • BGScript and BGAPI example applications
  • iOS and Android example application
  • Application notes

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