MSRP $149.00

Wi-Fi Coexistence Evaluation Kit

The Wi-Fi Coexistence Development Kit provides a simple, but flexible evaluation board for developing managed coexistence between Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Thread and Bluetooth radios. Managed coexistence is critical when putting multiple 2.4 GHz radios in today’s small hubs and gateways.  With Silicon Labs coexistence backplane, developers can connect Wi-Fi and up to 3 Silicon Labs radios using a flexible PTA (Packet Traffic Arbitration) implementation to help manage radio operation.  The backplane provides connections between the Wi-Fi system and the Silicon Labs Zigbee, Thread and Bluetooth radio boards. 

MSRP $149.00

  • Enables prototyping of a managed coexistence solution
  • Supports Silicon Labs Zigbee, Thread and Bluetooth devices
  • Supports Wi-Fi and up to 3 additional WSKT radio boards
  • Supports 1, 2 and 3 wire PTA signaling
  • Provides header for observation of PTA signals on logic analyzer
  • Supports both SoC and NCP software architectures

Step 1: Get Started with the User Guide

Step 2: Configure the Wi-Fi Coexistence and Perform Testing

  • Using a PTA capable Wi-Fi solution, configure the PTA interface on the EFR32 based Bluetooth, Zigbee or Thread solution along with the PTA interface of your Wi-Fi device using the instructions and guidance found in UG103.17, UG350, AN1017 and AN1128.
  • Use the SLWSTK-COEXBP kit to test and evaluate the PTA performance of your solution which should include throughput scenarios for your application.
Note: Not all Wi-Fi solutions are capable of supporting PTA. When choosing a Wi-Fi solution, be sure to select a vendor and a Wi-F solution that supports coexistence/PTA operation.

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