EFR Connect App

Apps for iOS and Android

Download The App for iPhone from Apple App Store or for Android from the Google Play Store

Source code for the EFR Connect mobile app is available on Silicon Labs GitHub for Android and iOS.

The Silicon Labs EFR Connect app utilizes the Bluetooth adapter on your phone/tablet to scan, connect and interact with BLE devices.

The app is divided into two main functional areas, the Demo and the Develop view.

The Demo view lists a number of demos that are meant for quickly testing some of the sample apps in the Silicon Labs Bluetooth SDK. The currently supported demos are:

  • Health Thermometer demo: Connects to an EFR32/BGM device running the soc-thermometer sample application from the Bluetooth SDK and displays the temperature read from the Si7021 sensor on the WSTK mainboard.

The Develop view contains functionalities focused on helping developers create and troubleshoot their Bluetooth applications based on EFR32/BGM devices. The currently supported functionalities are:

  • Bluetooth Browser: This is a generic and powerful tool that allows you to explore the BLE devices around you. Key features of the browser include:
    • Scan results with a rich data set
      • Connectable/non-connectable
      • Beacon type
      • Advertisement interval
      • RSSI
      • Bluetooth address
    • Ability to favorite devices on the scan list so that they surface to the top
    • Advanced filtering options to quickly identify the devices you want
      • Device name
      • Raw advertisement data
      • RSSI
      • Beacon type (iBeacon, Eddystone, AltBeacon)
      • Favorites only
      • Connectable only
    • Option to save filters for later use
    • Support for multiple connections
    • Ability to rename services/characteristics with 128-bit UUIDs (mappings dictionary)
    • Over-the-air (OTA) device firmware upgrade (DFU) with both reliable and speed modes
    • Configurable MTU and connection interval
    • Support for all GATT operations
  • Bluetooth Advisor: Allows you to create multiple advertisement sets and enable them in parallel
    • Supports legacy and extended advertising
      • Configurable advertisement interval, TX Power, primary/secondary PHYs
      • Ability to manually start/stop advertisement, or stop based on time/event limit
      • Support for multiple AD types

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