EFR32xG21 Wireless Gecko Starter Kit


The EFR32xG21 Wireless Starter Kit supports Bluetooth, Zigbee, Thread and Multiprotocol Zigbee/Bluetooth software stacks. Our software provides one-click access to design tools, documentation, software and support resources for Wireless Modules and SoCs using Bluetooth. Get up and running quickly with precompiled demos, application notes and examples. Use advanced tools including energy profiling and network analysis to optimize your wireless systems.

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Hardware and Software Features

Kit Contents

  • 3 x Wireless starter kit mainboard
  • 3 x EFR32MG21 2.4 GHz +20 dBm radio board
  • 3 x EFR32MG21 2.4 GHz +10 dBm radio board
  • AA Battery Board (supports running +20 from batteries)
  • Cables
  • EFR32MG Getting Started Card

Kit Features

  • Included devices:
    • EFR32MG21A020F1024IM32 (+20 dBm radio board
    • EFR32MG21A010F1024IM32 (+10 dBm radio board)
  • Modular design supports different radio boards
  • Expansion header allows easy expansion
  • Integrated debug
  • Packet Trace support on both Ethernet and USB connections
  • Coin cell support
  • Supports AEM (Advanced Energy Monitor) for battery measurement and Energy Profiler

Simplicity Studio Features

  • Energy Profiler
  • Network Analyzer
  • AppBuilder

Compatible Radio Boards

Radio Board User Guide Included Device Output Power (dBm) Flash (kB) RAM (kB) Zigbee/Thread Bluetooth Mesh Bluetooth 5.1 Price (USD) Add to Cart
SLWRB4180A EFR32MG21A020F1024IM32 +20 1024 96 Yes Yes Yes $49 SLWRB4180A Radio Board
SLWRB4181A EFR32MG21A010F1024IM32 +10 1024 96 Yes Yes Yes $49 SLWRB4181A Radio Board
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