EFR32FG12 Flex Gecko 2.4 GHz and 915 MHz Radio Board


The Flex Gecko SLWRB4253A radio board plugs into the main board provided with the Flex Gecko Starter Kits. The radio board can also be used as a reference design for matching networks of the RF interfaces. The SLWRB4253A radio board supports dual-band operation with sub-GHz operation in the US FCC 915 MHz band with an external whip antenna, and 2.4 GHz operation at the 2400-2483.5 MHz band with the on-board printed antenna. The matching networks are optimized to +19 dBm output power.

* To evaluate the EFR32FG12 devices, you will need to purchase a Flex Gecko Starter Kit and 2 of the EFR32FG12 radio boards

Radio Board User Guide Included Device Flash (kB) RAM (kB) Proprietary 2.4 GHz
Proprietary Sub-GHz
zigbee/Thread BLE Bluetooth 5 Bluetooth Mesh Output Power (dBm) Price (USD) Add to Cart
SLWRB4253A EFR32FG12P433F1024GL125 1024 256 Yes
915 MHz
+19 $49 915 MHz EFR32FG SLWRB4253A Dual Band Radio Board
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