WGM160P Wi-Fi Module Starter Kit


The WGM160P wireless starter kit is the fastest way to get started with WGM160P development. It includes a Silicon labs WSTK base board, a WGM160P radio board (also available separately). It also includes a ETH expansion board to allow for ETH development with WGM160P.

Hardware and Software Features

Hardware Features

  • Wireless Starter Kit:
    • Full debug support using WSTK
    • Memory LCD-TFT Display
    • 2 LEDs on mainboard
    • Si7021 RH/T sensor
  • WGM160P Radio Board:
    • Micro USB power connector for Radio-board only operation
    • 2 micro u.FL connectors
    • Micro SD card reader
  • Ethernet RMII EXP board
    Software Features
  • Support for Gecko OS for rapid development and prototyping
  • Support for Gecko OS studio
  • Example demo applications
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