Get Started with Thunderboard™ React

Step 1: Order a Thunderboard React

The Thunderboard React is a complete Bluetooth® Low Energy reference solution that collects and delivers sensor data to the cloud. It is partnered with a mobile app that seamlessly connects Thunderboard React to a real time cloud database. Mounted on the Derby car, you can measure the speed and orientation of the car.

Step 2: Install Mobile App

Download the Thunderboard app and connect it to your device to see sensor data and control LED states. 

Step 3: Connect to your Thunderboard React

Pull out the battery tab and turn the power switch to BAT position. Then press the SW-0 button and launch the Thunderboard app. You should now see your board listed:

Step 4: Explore the Thunderboard Demos

Step 5: Build a Car for Thunderboard React

1) The Wood Base

 Screw in the stand-offs using the long screws from the bottom of the wood base.Note: the bottom of the wood base has the axle grooves.

2) The Thunderboard

Mount the Thunderboard React to the top of the wood bse by screwing the short screws into the stand-offs. The board should be position with the text "Thunderboard React" exposed and readable.

3) Magnet Wheel

Select one of the four wheels included. Glue the magnet onto the inside of the wheel. Note: glue not included.

4) Installing the Wheels

Turn the car upside down. Start with the wheel that has the magnet installed. Attach this wheel with any axle. Install the wheel by threading the point of the axle through the center of the wheel so the round end is on the outside of the wheel. Once the wheel is on the axle, slide the pointed end of the axle into the axle groove nearest to the hall effect magnetic sensor on the Thunderboard. Follow the same procedure for the remaining three wheels. Once all wheels have been installed apply a small amount of glue where each axle meets the axle groove.

5) The Shell

Place the shell on top of the wood base and snap it into place. The shell should be on the side with the Thunderboard.

6) Connect it

Download the Thunderboard app from App Store (iOS) or from Google Play (Android) . Source code, distributed through GitHub.

Step 6: Access Documentation and Resources

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