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BLE-143: Demo - Quickly Add Accelerometer with SPI

This material is 3 of 4 in the Bluetooth 185 - Workshop (SSv5): Quickly Add an Acclerometer With SPI.

This Bluetooth workshop provides hands-on training and teaches users how to quickly add an accelerometer to your IoT device. The project uses Simplicity Studio v5 and the Thunderboard BG22. This training shows how to enable a client to subscribe to BLE notifications transmitting the IMU sensor data.


This is the 3rd part of the training to introduce how to quickly add accelerometer using SPI. This video captures a demonstration of how the project interacts with the mobile app EFR Connect.  


BG22 Workshop Pre-work

BG22 Getting Started Workshop (Complete Lab 1)

Lab Procedure:

Quickly Add and Accelerometer with SPI

Hardware Required:

Thunderboard Kit EFR32BG22

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