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Bluetooth 182 - Workshop (SSv5): Develop a Secure IoT Device on a BG22 Thunderboard Kit

This Bluetooth workshop provides hands-on training and teaches users how to develop and deploy ultra-low-power, secure Bluetooth connectivity with the BG22 with Simplicity Studio v5.


Learn how to use Simplicity Studio Version 5 to develop and deploy ultra-low-power, secure Bluetooth connectivity with the new EFR32BG22 SoC. Join Silicon Labs' interactive online Bluetooth workshop for hands-on technical training and live support as you follow along with your own BG22 Thunderboard, available to all registrants.

What You’ll Learn About the BG22

  • How it extends battery life for up to 10 years
  • How the built-in security helps protect end nodes throughout their shelf life
  • How it supports Bluetooth 5.2, mesh 1.0, and direction-finding
  • The out-of-box Bluetooth capabilities of the BG22 Thunderboard
  • How to modify Bluetooth software to optimize energy efficiency
  • How to implement a secure OTA for in-field product updates  

What You’ll Experience

  • Recordings of technical training by Silicon Labs wireless developers
  • Instructor-led Lab walkthrough using Thunderboard BG22 and Simplicity Studio
  • Presentation and Lab materials available for download

Knowledge Level:


Knowledge Level:



BG22 Workshop Pre-work

Hardware Required:

Thunderboard Kit EFR32BG22

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