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CHP-101: Connect Home over IP (CHIP) Lab

This material is 2 of 2 in the CHIP 180 - Connected Home over IP.

This training on the Connected Home over IP project is to simplify development for manufacturers and increase compatibility for consumers.


Prerequisite: Open Thread Labs for OTBR and RCP Setup

Demo1: Demonstration of a door lock device, built using CHIP and the Silicon Labs gecko SDK

  • Environment Setup: Downloading and building environment from Github
  • Setting up SDK path and board type for building the application on BRD4161A.
  • Locating the firmware file and flashing the firmware to the device.
  • Connecting CHIP device with OTBR & RCP.
  • Running the example and performing use-case.


*As of 5/11/2021 Project Connected Home over IP is now Matter. Learn more about Matter.


Lab Procedure:

Connected Home over IP

Hardware Pre-requisites

  • BRD4170A for CHIP device
  • BRD4170A RCP Device
  • RaspberryPi3B+/4 
Software Pre-requisites
  • Studio 5 with GSDK 3.0.0 
  • WSL2(Linux) on Windows 10 for building the Demo CHIP project. (Linux/Mac Machine can also be used by user)
  • Latest Raspberry Pi OS, more instructions here
  • Simplicity Commander
  • Gecko SDK v2.7



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