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BLE-108: Low Energy Operation

This material is 3 of 5 in the Bluetooth 101 - EFR32BG22 Series 2 Bluetooth Wireless SoC Series.

This EFR32BG22 training provides customers with the information needed to begin developing with the EFR32BG22 Bluetooth device from Silicon Labs.


This training course is about the low energy operation of the EFR32BG22. The session covers the basic fundamentals of Bluetooth Advertising and the power levels observed in this state. Similarly you will see how Bluetooth connections work, and the options you have to minimize the power consumption with the BG22. The next part covers other general tools you can use to optimize low energy in your project. At the end you will be introduced to energyProfiler and how you can use it to debug your low energy projects. Two example projects will be covered.

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