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MAT-102: Simplicity Studio v5 Overview and Bootloaders

This material is 2 of 3 in the Matter 100 - Workshop: Getting Started with Matter in Simplicity Studio v5.

This Matter workshop, originally presented at Embedded World 2023, provides hands-on training to get started with Matter development in Simplicity Studio v5.


In this workshop you will learn:

  1. How to connect boards to Simplicity Studio
  2. How to obtain and configure board information
  3. How to access documentation
  4. How to access demo and example software and bootloaders
  5. How to build and flash firmware to boards


MAT-101: Simplicity Studio v5 Installation for xG24 Dev Kit

Hardware Required:

Raspberry Pi 4 (with ethernet connection to internet)

3 x EFR32MG24 Dev Kits (or other Matter-compatible boards)

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