Matter Technology and Market Updates - APAC

In this session we will discuss discuss Matter spec changes and the enhanced support for low-power sensor devices.

About This Tech Talk

This Matter Tech Talk provides Matter technology updates and market adoption. The latest Matter specification - Matter 1.3 has been lanuched by May, 2024. Matter 1.3 added new device types and enhanced support for low-power devices (intermittent connected devices), which will allow devices to sleep for longer periods of time. In this session, we will discuss these changes and how this long interval time for sleepy devices will improve the battery life of Matter.

You can view the accompanying slides and recorded session below.


Victor Lee (English)

Senior FAE, Korea
Silicon Labs

Allen Ji (Chinese)

Senior FAE, China
Silicon Labs

Steven Lin (Chinese)

Senior FAE, Taiwan
Silicon Labs


45-60 Minute Presentation

15-30 Minute Q&A

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