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ZWV-119: Include Using SmartStart

This material is 6 of 10 in the Z-Wave 101 - 700 Series.

This training introduces engineers to the Z-Wave 700 Series of wireless SoCs. Review fundamentals required to work with the Z-Wave protocol in guided presentations.


This hands-on exercise will demonstrate how to flash a sample application to a device and use SmartStart to include it into a secure Z-Wave network.

In this exercise, we will use the shipping sample application ‘Switch On/Off’ from the Z-Wave Embedded SDK. We will flash it to an end-device and include it into a secure network using SmartStart. For doing a SmartStart inclusion, we will need to find the DSK key. By knowing the DSK key only authorized and intended devices are included in the Z-Wave network. When included, we will learn how to decrypt the RF traffic when knowing the security keys.

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Recommended Hardware:

Z-Wave 800 Pro Kit

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