Secure Bluetooth 5.2 SoCs for High-Volume IoT Products

A Versatile Single-Chip Solution for Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE), Bluetooth Mesh, and Direction Finding with Sub-Meter Accuracy

Bluetooth device shipments are forecast to grow 26 percent by 2023 (from 4 billion units in 2019 to 5.4 billion units). Silicon Labs designed the EFR32BG22 (BG22) SoCs to meet the unique requirements of high-volume, battery-powered Bluetooth products. Featuring an ultra-low transmit and receive power (3.6 mA TX at 0 dBm, 2.6 mA RX) and a high-performance, low-power M33 core (27 µA/MHz active, 1.2 µA sleep) – BG22 delivers industry-leading energy efficiency that can extend coin cell battery life beyond five years.

BG22 Devices for Consumers, Smart Home, Commercial and Industrial IoT


The EFR32BG22C224 SoC provides IQ sampling and access to 125 kB and 500 kB Bluetooth LE Coded PHYs, which can increase RX sensitivity to -106.7 dBm. The SoC increases operating temperature to +125 ºC and extends flash memory up to 512 kB to support applications requiring direction finding capabilities or low-power mesh nodes.


EFR32BG22C222 SoC targets applications requiring more compute power (with a 76.8 MHz M33 core), more I/Os (up to 26 GPIOs) and higher TX power (+6 dBm).


The EFR32BG22C112 SoC targets high-volume, cost-sensitive applications such as asset tracking tags by eliminating the need for an external sleep crystal. These SoCs provide access to 1 Mbps and 2 Mbps Bluetooth PHYs, along with a 38.4 MHz Arm® Cortex®-M33 core, 18 GPIOs and 352 kB of flash memory with radio characteristics of 0 dBm transmit (TX) and an industry-leading -99 dBm receive (RX) (1M PHY) sensitivity.

Securing Your Bluetooth Product

IoT security is key to protecting company brands, end user privacy and commercial viability of products. Vulnerabilities can be exploited through both remote Internet attacks and physical hands-on-attacks.

Developers using the Silicon Labs wireless product portfolio including those in the EFR32BG22 portfolio have access to a number of technologies designed to protect their product, including Secure Boot with Root of Trust, Secure Loader and Secure Debug.


Bluetooth Direction Finding with BG22

Learn about our new direction finding solution targeting a wide range of indoor positioning, navigation, and asset and people tracking applications. The solution combines the Quuppa Intelligent Location System™ with Bluetooth LE asset tags using our best-in-class Bluetooth SoC devices including the new EFR32BG22 SoC.

The Silicon Labs Advantage


20+ years providing RF solutions with more than 1 billion deployed wireless nodes worldwide


Providing enhanced security features that help developers increase consumer trust in connected products


Simplifying IoT product design with highly-integrated devices, reusable software and advanced development tools

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