APAC Tech Talks: Wireless Technology Training

Watch live as Silicon Labs experts and other industry leaders present this technical webinar series created for developers, by developers.

2024 APAC Tech Talks Training Series

These technical trainings, presented by engineers and developers, cover the most important aspects of IoT wireless connectivity.

This year's topics include dedicated technology series for Wireless ComputeLPWAN, MatterBluetooth, and Wi-Fi in order to help build the development skills needed to deliver cutting-edge products. Join us Wednesday (English) at 14:30 (Japan/Korea Time) and 11:00 AM (India Time) to tune in live or catch the session on-demand.

APRIL 24, 2024

EFR and EFM: An Optimized Platform for AI/ML at the Edge

JUNE 12, 2024

Matter Technology and Market Updates and Q & A with the Connectivity Standard Alliance

AUGUST 7, 2024

How to Develop Wi-Fi 6 Software Applications with SiWx917 SoC

Unboxing SiWx917 Wi-Fi 6 + Bluetooth LE Pro Kit

JULY 17, 2024

Explore Bluetooth Channel Sounding: High-Accuracy Distance Measurement and Its Use Cases

Unboxing Silicon Labs' Latest Bluetooth SoC for Energy Harvesting

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2023 APAC Tech Talks

Silicon Labs' Tech Talks series is now available on-demand. From LPWAN to Matter, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Wireless Compute, catch up on the latest in IoT technology. Dive into the topics that pique your interest and unlock expert insight, discussions, and the latest trends in wireless development.

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