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Nuki Unlocks the Future of Smart Lock Innovation with Silicon Labs Wireless IoT Solutions


As people’s lifestyles and habits continue to evolve to prioritize comfort, convenience, and remote work, the home has become a multi-functional hub for rest, productivity, education, and wellness. The growing trend toward “home-centricity” has fueled a surging demand for easy, effective . As we spend more time in our residential dwellings, increased security and flexibility in the home are paramount.

Unfortunately, many existing doors and locks are not designed to accommodate smart technology, creating a challenge for homeowners looking to embrace the benefits of intelligent access. Traditional smart lock installations still often require professional help, a new deadbolt, and a significant investment in time and resources. As the demand for smart home technology grows, device builders are turning to solution providers to help simplify wireless development, enhance the energy efficiency of their products, and meet stringent security certifications.


The Role of Silicon Labs in Smart Lock Innovation

With a proven track record of innovation and expertise in the IoT, Silicon Labs stands as a valuable partner for companies pioneering the next generation of smart locks that are easy to install, energy-efficient, and secure.

Silicon Labs provides a comprehensive suite of IoT solutions that address the challenges smart lock manufacturers face. The wireless SoCs and modules offered by Silicon Labs provide low-power connectivity, support for multiple protocols, and robust security features. Additionally, Silicon Labs' software development kits (SDKs) and tools simplify the development and testing of smart lock applications.

The Challenge

Nuki wants to offer its customers access to the best smart lock options available in the market, fulfilling a wide range of requirements, including low-power connectivity, support for multiple protocols, and robust security features.

The Solution

Nuki opted to include support for Silicon Labs’ wireless SoCs and modules, MG24, WF200, BG22, BG12, MG12, and MG13, to build a broad range of Wi-Fi-enabled retrofit smart lock solutions, products, and accessories. MG24 enables Thread and Matter for rapid and user-friendly deployment, the WF200 Wi-Fi solution contributes to the overall energy efficiency of the device, and BG22 enables diverse functionality and enhanced security for Bluetooth Low Energy within smart locks. BG12 enables energy-friendly Bluetooth 5 networking for smart lock devices, and MG12 offers developers the best radio performance for reliable communications in smart lock devices. MG13 enables energy-friendly, multi-protocol, multi-band networking for smart lock devices.

The Result

Silicon Labs supports Nuki customers in building a broad portfolio of smart lock products cost-efficiently through a unified hardware architecture and development tools, expediting time to market. By allowing parallel use with manufacturers' apps without limitations, MG24, MG12, MG13, WF200, BG12, and BG22 provide users with unprecedented flexibility and control over their smart lock experience without sacrificing energy efficiency and security.


Wireless Solutions Transforming Intelligent Access Capabilities

The MG24 mutliprotocol wireless SoC plays a crucial role in smart lock development by providing a reliable and efficient connectivity solution. Designed to focus on low-power consumption, the MG24 enables smart locks to operate for extended periods without frequent battery replacements. The MG24 also supports various wireless protocols, ensuring smart locks connect seamlessly to home networks. This connectivity is essential for enabling remote access and control, allowing users to monitor and manage their smart locks from anywhere.

The WF200 Wi-Fi transceiver module further contributes to the efficiency of smart lock systems. In the context of smart locks, Wi-Fi connectivity is essential for seamless integration into existing home networks. The WF200 optimizes Wi-Fi communication, ensuring fast and reliable connections while minimizing power consumption.

Additionally, the BG22 Bluetooth system-on-chip (SoC), significantly enables diverse functionality within smart locks. Its short-range communication capabilities make it ideal for proximity-based unlocking, secure smartphone communication, and integration with additional accessories. The BG22 also enhances overall security by protecting data transmission between smart lock components, preventing unauthorized access.

The BG12 wireless SoC for Zigbee and Thread is ideal for enabling energy-friendly Bluetooth 5 networking for smart lock devices. The BG12’s industry-leading energy efficiency features, rapid wakeup times, and scalable power amplifier enable smart lock developers to reduce the overall power consumption of their devices significantly to maximize battery life for customers.

Furthermore, the MG12 mesh networking wireless Zigbee and Thread SoC offers the best radio performance for reliable communications in smart lock devices. The MG12 is ideal for designing multiband, multiprotocol, and energy-friendly wireless connected smart lock devices that require high performance and low energy consumption.

Lastly, the MG13 multi-protocol SoCs enable energy-friendly multi-protocol, multi-band networking for smart lock devices. The MG13 provides industry-leading energy efficiency, ultra-fast wakeup times, no-compromise MCU features, and a scalable power amplifier.

Nuki Unlocking Smart Lock Potential

Nuki, a leading provider of retrofit intelligent access solutions in Europe, has successfully integrated Silicon Labs’ technologies to build a broad range of smart lock products and accessories.

Nuki recently leveraged Silicon Labs' MG24 and WF200 to create the Smart Lock Pro (4th Generation), the first Matter + Thread + Wi-Fi built-in smart lock, setting a new standard for simplicity and versatility. Unlike other Matter compatible smart locks, Nuki's Smart Lock Pro (4th Generation) allows parallel use with manufacturers' apps without limitations, providing users unprecedented flexibility and control over their smart lock experience.

Effortlessly retrofitted to your existing door in minutes, the Nuki Smart Lock Pro (4th Generation) is powered by a small motor that effortlessly turns the key in your lock, eliminating the need for traditional keys. This innovative design is particularly beneficial for those carrying groceries or other items. Once installed, users can conveniently unlock their doors using their smartphones, grant digital access permissions to family and friends, and remotely monitor their door's status. The MG24's integration into Nuki's Smart Lock Pro (4th Generation) enables the rapid deployment of user-friendly, Wi-Fi-enabled retrofit solutions. It empowers Nuki to deliver a smart lock experience that is secure and easy to install and use.

Furthermore, by incorporating the WF200 into the Smart Lock Pro (4th Generation), Nuki can offer users a convenient and responsive smart lock experience. The module's capabilities contribute to the overall energy efficiency of the device, extending battery life and enhancing the user experience. This is particularly important for smart locks, where reliability and low maintenance needs are key considerations. The WF200's compatibility with Silicon Labs' development tools also streamlines the design process, allowing Nuki to bring Wi-Fi-enabled smart lock solutions to market quickly. As a result, users benefit from the latest connectivity features without sacrificing energy efficiency.

This is not the first smart lock that Silicon Labs’ has helped Nuki develop, however. Nuki integrated Silicon Labs’ BG12 and MG12 to create the previous generation of their smart lock: the Smart Lock 3.0 Pro. By using the BG12 to develop the Smart Lock 3.0 Pro, Nuki can quickly deliver Bluetooth Low Energy, provide integrated 2.4 GHz & Sub-GHz radio, feature-rich analog and digital peripherals, offer energy-efficient low power modes, and showcase more powerful MCU and memory options.

By including Silicon Labs’ MG12 in the Smart Lock 3.0 Pro, Nuki can achieve great wireless range and reliable RF communications due to the device’s 10 dBm maximum output power and receive sensitivity of -102.7. The MG12 also includes innovative low-energy techniques, such as fast wake-up times and energy-saving modes, that help Nuki reduce the overall power consumption and maximize the battery life of the Smart Lock 3.0 Pro.

Additionally, Nuki's Opener, Keypad 2, and Door Sensor all use Silicon Labs' devices to provide users with diverse and efficient access solutions. For instance, Nuki's Door Sensor uses Silicon Labs' BG22 to provide users with diverse and efficient access solutions while adding an extra layer of security by monitoring the door’s status. The Nuki Opener uses Silicon Labs’ MG13 to allow users to open doors remotely, enhancing access control. Lastly, Nuki’s Keypad 2 uses Silicon Labs’ MG24 to help users open their doors faster than ever by using their fingerprint or an entry code. These benefits extend beyond user convenience, impacting the broader landscape of smart lock deployment.

The Future of Intelligent Access Solutions

Silicon Labs' MG24, WF200, MG12, MG13, BG12, and BG22 hold a critical role in enabling smart lock adoption growth and addressing critical challenges in the industry, such as energy efficiency, connectivity, and security. By working closely with partners like Nuki, Silicon Labs is supporting the development of user-friendly and reliable smart lock products. We are excited to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible in IoT by providing solutions that make smart, simple, and secure access to our homes a reality.

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