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Energy Production and Storage

Build IoT-enabled solutions for a sustainable energy production and storage.


Energy Production and Storage for a Sustainable Future

Rising global temperatures and soaring man-made CO2 emissions amplify climate concerns. Pledges for clean energy, guided by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, along with the depletion of coal resources and sky-high energy costs are driving dramatic changes in the energy landscape.

Renewable energy sources gain ground because of their widespread availability and environmentally-friendly nature. Supplementing existing resources, renewables are playing a major role in energy load management.

Efficient Energy Production and Storage

Renewables aren’t steadily predictable, so utility providers and households are interested in solutions that best leverage these variable resources and ensure maximum efficiency and availability.

Energy Conversion

Unlike conventional electric power systems, renewable energy is abundant and versatile, ready to be harnessed. Renewables require devices that can obtain the maximum output and convert energy from one form to another.

Energy Storage

Battery storage opens new possibilities for storing renewable energy and facilitates demand response programs. Batteries yield a backup power supply, expanding the grid capacity and better aligning supply with electricity demand patterns. At peak demand, when consumption exceeds energy production, batteries discharge the stored energy.

Unlock Energy Transition with Wireless Communication

Wireless communication brings great flexibility, control, and automation to renewable power systems. In addition to gathering sensor data from the edge and enabling remote operations over a wide range of assets, wireless solutions ensure maximum energy output.

Migrating to smart energy solutions ensures greater safety and reliability for both consumers and the utility workforce. With increased visibility across the device ecosystem and with computing power at the edge, any possible threats and incidents are addressed promptly -- or even before they occur. Programmed to take action in real-time, when dangerous conditions or equipment tampering are detected, smart devices can automatically trigger a safety shutoff or send alarms to utility personnel.

Device makers are uniquely positioned to help drive progress towards net-zero goals. Explore our wireless solutions across electric vehicle (EV) charging, solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, battery storage, and more.


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