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Smart Gas Meters

Smart gas meters provide accurate and secure monitoring of gas consumption. Our low-power and long-range wireless integrated circuits are key to smart gas meter development.

What is Smart Gas Metering?

With smart gas meters, gas companies can remotely monitor customers’ consumption to manage their operations and demand efficiently, and invoice customers accurately. Gas can be switched on and off with smart meters equipped with a remotely controlled valve. Smart gas meters rely on low-voltage battery power to extend operational life and avoid ignition hazards. Gas flow is measured with ultrasonic or electromagnetic technologies. Low-power, long-range wireless connectivity is key for efficient remote operation.

Smart Gas Metering Benefits

Smart gas metering allows gas companies to efficiently manage their operations including energy production, distribution, and deliveries while reducing costs and optimizing resource allocation. They can remotely monitor customers’ consumption and  switch gas on and off to avoid costly onsite visits. Monitoring consumption enables accurate and timely invoicing, accelerating cash flow, and improving customer satisfaction via higher cost transparency.  

Our Solutions for Smart Gas Metering

Silicon Labs offers wireless connectivity chipsets and microcontrollers (MCU) with market-leading security, energy efficiency and radio performance. With Silicon Labs, you get access to the broadest selection of hardware, cutting-edge wireless software and development tools, and robust security, including the world's first SoCs with the PSA Level 3 certification

Key Product Development Considerations for Battery-powered Wireless Smart Gas Meters

Maximize Battery Life for Smart Gas Meters  

Maximizing the lifetime of battery-powered gas meters is key so that the utility company can avoid replacements and reduce the total cost of ownership. Silicon Labs’ ingenious ultra-low power SoC design and Low Duty Cycle optimization can enable smart gas meters with tens of years of operational life with a battery. 

How to Develop Secure Smart Gas Meters  

Robust security is an essential feature on smart gas metering devices. You must safeguard your products against the most sophisticated attacks. Silicon Labs wireless technologies are equipped with robust security capabilities on software and hardware. Silicon Labs Secure Vault firmware is the world’s first PSA Level 3 certified solution for wireless chipsets.   

Which Network Topology for Smart Gas Metering?

In smart gas metering, you can choose between multiple wireless protocols and topologies depending on business models, utility segments, and geographic regions. With Silicon Labs hardware and software, you can build an optimal connectivity solution for all scenarios – whether you need a scalable and reliable Wi-SUN wireless mesh, or an industry-proven Proprietary protocol.  

How to Maximize Wireless Reach on Smart Gas Meters   

Smart gas meters are used in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Because radio conditions can vary from one extreme to the other, wireless reach and reliability are critical. With Silicon Labs, you can use various solutions for ensuring superior RF performance, which these include sub-GHz, Wi-SUN, mesh and Proprietary wireless protocols. Our wireless SoCs and modules feature market-leading TX power and RX sensitivity, enabling your devices with outstanding reliability even in the most demanding radio environment. 

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