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Smart Heat Meters

Maximize the efficiency of heat meter monitoring and allocation.

What’s Smart Heat Metering?

Smart heat metering enables heat cost allocation (HCA) in multi-dwelling houses. With HCA, utilities can charge each customer for their actual energy consumption by automatically measuring heat consumption on each apartment radiator and transmitting the data via a wireless connection.   

Benefits of Smart Heat Metering? 

Smart heat metering radically streamlines utilities’ customer management. With wirelessly connected HCAs, access to the premises is no longer needed in the meter reading process. Property managers can streamline their operations and invoice customers accurately based on their actual usage, which accelerates cash flow. For tenants and apartment owners, smart heat metering results in transparent consumption information and fair invoicing of the energy used. It motivates inhabitants to regulate indoor temperatures, reduce energy consumption, and contribute to a more sustainable city. 

Product design considerations for devices and applications in smart heat metering.   

Enabling Tens of Years of Battery Life  

Low power consumption is crucial in Heat Cost Allocators. Extensive battery life reduces utilities’ total cost of ownership (TCO) through fewer replacements and site visits. Silicon Labs provides several industry-leading solutions for reducing power consumption, such as our ingenious ultra-low power SoC design and Low Duty Cycle optimization. 

Wireless Range in Smart Heating

As with most battery-powered smart metering applications, long wireless range and high reliability ensure full connectivity in all sites and conditions, reducing maintenance costs and increasing customer satisfaction. We can enable your smart heat metering devices with sub-GHz Wi-SUN and Proprietary wireless protocols to maximize reach and reliability even in the most demanding radio environment.

Network Topology

Smart heat metering doesn't have a single wireless standard or networking topology. Instead, you need to work with multiple wireless protocols and topologies to support various business models, utility segments, providers, and geographic areas. Silicon Labs enables you to build a scalable and reliable wireless field area network (FAN) based on Wi-SUN and Proprietary protocol. 

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