MSRP $25.00

USB Z-Wave 500 868 MHz Static Controller Reference Design

The ACC-UZB3-E-STA has reached Not Recommended for New Design (NRND) Status.

The UZB static controller is a USB Z-Wave controller reference design. The UZB is based on the SD3503 serial interface SoC, and includes a crystal, passive RF components, antenna, and regional SAW lter, making it both cost effective and easy to use.

The UZB exposes the well-documented and proven Z-Wave Serial API via USB. As new Z-Wave Serial API features become available, the UZB can be upgraded using the USB port, eliminating the need to replace hardware. The UZB is powered by the USB port, and has a built-in helical antenna that is designed specically for Z-Wave. The UZB comes pre-scanned for FCC and CE approval, making nal product testing easy for production partners. Designs based on the UZB will require FCC and CE approval.

The UZB provides hardware-assisted frequency agility, enabling the module to switch away from a noisy channel without communication or software overhead.

The UZB continues to build on the Z-Wave ten-year track record of backward- compatibility, enabling all generations of Z-Wave to communicate seamlessly in a Z-Wave network.

MSRP $25.00


Key Benefits

  • Low-cost way to Z-Wave-enable a USB host
  • Ready for high-volume manufacturing
  • Pre-scanned for FCC and CE approval

Key Features

  • USB full-speed device connection
  • Serial interface solution exposing the Z-Wave Serial API on USB
  • Built-in helical antenna
  • Firmware upgrade through USB
  • USB powered
  • Support for Linux, Windows and OS X • CDC device class for communication

Target Applications

  • Gateways
  • Set-top boxes
  • PCs
  • TVs

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