TouchXpress™ Capacitive Touch Controller

TouchXpress capactive touch controllers are designed to quickly replace mechanical buttons with modern capacitive touch buttons. The controllers support up to 13 capacitive sensor inputs and eliminate complex firmware to speed user interface design. The devices are highly integrated and can include I2C interfaces to the host processor. No firmware development is needed, and all the capacitive touch sense parameters can be configured using a simple GUI-based configurator.

Capacitive sensor inputs
Up to 13
Package type

TouchXpress Common Specs

  • Capacitive sensing input engine with up to 13 inputs
  • Post-sample touch qualification engine
  • Configuration profile space in non-volatile memory
  • Pin output with configuration polarity and drive strength
  • Low power state machine to minimize current draw in all use cases
  • Capacitive proximity sensing input
  • Buzzer output
  • Mutually exclusive touch qualifier
  • Touch time-out timer
  • IEC60730 Class B compliance


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Part Number Channels Interface Slider Wake on Proximity LED/Buzzer Package Type Package Size (mm)
7 GPIO Map QFN20 3x3
7 GPIO Map QSOP24 8.65x3.9
12 I2C QFN20 3x3
12 I2C QSOP24 8.65x3.9
12 I2C QFN20 3x3
13 I2C QFN24 4x4

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