90 W 802.3bt PoE PSE and PD Solutions    

Silicon Labs makes it easy to add 90 W PoE    

Our complete PoE portfolio addresses all 802.3bt 90 W PoE needs, from switches to powered devices. The compact Si34071 PD combines the required 802.3bt PD interface with a dc-dc controller ready to provide the full 71 W of power to a system. On the other side of the cable, our Si3471 is the industry’s first single 90 W capable Ethernet port without needing any software or host MCU. Finally, the Si3474 powers up to eight 802.3at or four 802.3bt 90 W Ethernet ports and adds a feature rich register map for efficient power management. Our EVBs feature compact and cost-effective 2-layer PCB designs that can easily be implemented in many different kinds of systems and include a full Sifos IEEE compliance test report.

Please note this product family is in advance sampling status but not yet in production. Production is targeted for late April. For more information please contact your local sales/distributor or request here.  

  Si3471 Si3471 Si3471
  Si3471 Si3474 Si34071
Ethernet Ports 1 - PSE 4 - PSE 1 - PD
IEEE Standard Power 802.3bt
90 W class 1-8
90 W class 1-8
71 W class 4-8
Features External FETs
Easy configuration
External FETs
200mΩ sense
I2C interface
External FETs
Integrated dc dc
Highest power PD
Package 5 x 7 mm QFN38 8 x 8 mm QFN56 5 x 5 mm QFN32
EVB Si3471-KIT Si3474-KIT Si34071WA5V8KIT
Availability Available Now Coming Soon Coming Soon
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