Si4796x Automotive Dual Receivers


High-performance Automotive Dual AM/FM Radio Receiver and HD-Radio™/DAB/DAB+/DMB/DRM Tuner, automotive qualified AEC-Q100.



  • Dual Worldwide FM band support (64–108 MHz)
  • Worldwide AM band support (520–1710 kHz)
  • LW band support (144–288 kHz)
  • SW band support (2.3–30 MHz)
  • Dual DAB/DAB+/DMB support (170–240 MHz) (Si47962 only)
  • NOAA Weather Band support
  • On-chip soft-decision RDS/RDBS demodulator/decoder
  • Two analog audio outputs
  • Three digital audio ports (I2S)
  • Frequency synthesizer with fully integrated PLL-VCO
  • Integrated clock oscillator
  • 1.8 V or 3.3 V digital IO power supplies
  • 3.3 V analog power supply and 1.8 V digital power supply
  • 56-pin QFN, 8 mm x 8 mm x 0.85 mm
  • Pb-free/RoHS compliant
  • AEQ-Q100 qualified

Si4796x Product Matrix

Part Number Data Short Audio FM AM SW LW WB RDS HD Radio DAB/DAB+
No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
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