Power over Ethernet Development Kits

The following evaluation kits are available to assist with PoE design.

Kit Part Number Description
NEW Si34061FB5VC4KIT Isolated 5V Class 4 Evaluation Kit
NEW Si34062ISOC2-KIT Si34062 Class 2 Dual Output Evaluation Kit
Si3406FBC3-KIT Si3406 Powered Device Non-Isolated Flyback Class 3 Evaluation Kit
Si3406FBC2-KIT Si3406 Powered Device Non-Isolated Flyback Class 2 Evaluation Kit
Si3404BKC2-KIT Si3404 Powered Device Buck Class 2 Evaluation Kit
Si3404ISOC3-KIT Si3404 Powered Device Isolated Class 3 Evaluation Kit
Si3402B-EVB Si3402B PoE Non-Isolated Evaluation Kit
Si3402BISO-EVB Si3402B PoE PD Isolated Evaluation Kit
Si3454-KIT 8-Port Midspan Reference Design
Si3459-KIT 16-Port Midspan Reference Design
Si3459SMART24-KIT 24-Port Midspan Reference Design
Si3462-EVB​ Single-port Evaluation Kit​
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