Thunderboard Development Tools

Get started with the Thunderboard platform using hardware and software to ease development.

Kit Part Number Description Price (USD) Buy
Thunderboard React Kit for Sensor to Cloud Connectivity RD-0057-0201 Thunderboard React makes it easy to test and prototype an IoT application. It has leading set of sensors and connects using Bluetooth Low Energy to the free mobile app. $29 Bluegiga DKBT Module Kit
Thunderboard Sense 2, Sensor to Cloud and IoT Advanced Development Kit SLTB004A Thunderboard Sense 2 is an upgrade to the original Sense Kit featuring updated sensors and an EFR32MG12 SoC with 4x Flash and RAM plus advanced BLE capabilities. It is ideally suited for developing a wide range of IoT applications. $36 Thunderboard Sense 2 Kit
Thunderboard UB3 SLTB005A The Silicon Labs Thunderboard UB3 is an excellent starting point to evaluate and develop USB applications on the EFM8 Universal Bee MCUs $25 Thunderboard GG12 Kit
Thunderboard GG12 SLTB009A The Silicon Labs ThunderboardGG12 is an excellent starting point to quickly evaluate and prototype applications with the EFM32 Giant Gecko 12 MCU. $29 Thunderboard GG12 Kit
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