EFR32xG22 Wireless Gecko Starter Kit


The EFR32xG22 (xG22) Wireless Starter Kit (WSTK) supports Bluetooth, Zigbee and Proprietary wireless protocols. This WSTK includes two +6 dBm radio boards that are complete reference designs for EFR32xG22 Wireless SoCs, with matching network and PCB antennas for +6 dBm output power in the 2.4 GHz band. It also contains an on-board J-Link debugger with a Packet Trace Interface and a Virtual COM port, enabling application development and debugging of the attached radio board as well as external hardware. The xG22 WSTK provides all the necessary tools for developing high-volume, scalable wireless IoT applications. 

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Hardware and Software Features

Kit Contents

  • 1x BRD4001A Wireless Starter Kit Mainboard
  • 1x BRD4182A EFR32xG22 2.4 GHz +6 dBm
    5x5 mm QFN40 Radio Board
  • 1x BRD4183A EFR32xG22 2.4 GHz +6 dBm
    4x4 mm QFN32 Radio Board
  • 1x USB Type A to Mini-B cable
  • 1x 10-pin 1.27 mm IDC debug cable
  • 1x BRD8010A Debug Adapter Board 
  • Getting Started Card

Kit Features

  • Advanced Energy Monitor
  • Packet Trace Interface
  • Virtual COM port
  • SEGGER J-Link on-board debugger
  • External device debugging
  • Ethernet and USB connectivity
  • Low power 128 x 128 pixel Memory LCDTFT
  • User LEDs / pushbuttons
  • 20-pin 2.54 mm EXP header
  • Breakout pads for Wireless SoC I/O
  • CR2032 coin cell battery support 

Compatible Radio Boards

Radio Board User Guide Included Device Output Power (dBm) Package Flash (kB) RAM (kB) Zigbee Bluetooth LE Proprietary (2.4 GHz) Price (USD) Add to Cart
SLWRB4182A EFR32MG22C224F512IM40 +6 5x5 mm QFN40 512 32 Yes Yes Yes $29 SLWRB4182A Radio Board
SLWRB4183A EFR32MG22C224F512IM32 +6 4x4 mm QFN32 512 32 Yes Yes Yes $29 SLWRB4183A Radio Board
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