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BT-202: Dev Lab - Bluetooth RTLS using Angle of Arrival

This material is 2 of 4 in the Bluetooth 200: Develop with Bluetooth.

Learn about developing Bluetooth devices using Silicon Lab's secure, intelligent, connected microcontrollers


This Dev Lab covers Bluetooth Real-time Location Systems that operate using the Angle of Arrival of Bluetooth signals. Silicon Labs provides hardware and software to explore this technology, this Dev Lab will walk you through their use and theory of operation, including setting up the positioning tools built into the Simplicity Studio IDE. 

In this Dev Lab you will learn: 

  • About Bluetooth Location Services
  • About Asset Tag and Locator hardware and software
  • How to use the location tools built into the Simplicity Studio IDE 
  • About the software components used to create positioning solutions


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Simplicity Studio

Hardware Required:

EFR32xG24 Dev Kit

BG22 Bluetooth Dual Polarized Antenna Array Boards + Pro Kit Main Boards

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