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BT-201: Dev Lab - Bluetooth AI/ML Magic Wand

This material is 1 of 4 in the Bluetooth 200: Develop with Bluetooth.

Learn about developing Bluetooth devices using Silicon Lab's secure, intelligent, connected microcontrollers


This project-based Dev Lab steps through the creation of a Magic Wand that detects gestures drawn in the air, using AI/ML, to control a light over Bluetooth.

In this Dev Lab you will learn:

  • About machine learning at the edge
  • How to flash the Bluetooth demo light application
  • About the xG24 Dev Kit
  • How to create a Bluetooth bootloader
  • About machine learning in embedded systems
  • How to create the Magic Wand project
  • How to add software components to a project
  • About AI/ML data models
  • About standard bluetooth application functions
  • About the magic wand source code
  • How to operate the magic wand



Simplicity Studio

Hardware Required:

EFR32xG24 Dev Kit

Silicon Labs Bluetooth Board (Explorer, Dev or Pro Kit)

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