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SEC-201: Applying Security to Verify Deployed Products are Authentic


Today, IoT device makers face a rising tide of security threats – from botnets, compromise of end user data, IP theft, counterfeit products, etc.

One of the hardest security processes to defend is authentication, which can be used to detect counterfeit products as well as to support end user convenience by allowing secure touchless commissioning of new products into a trusted network. Strong authentication also makes a system more resistant to “man-in-the-middle” attacks. The security feature that supports product authentication is a customized Secure Identity.

Join this session to better understand the concept of Secure Identity, how it works and how it can be customized and used to support various authenticity-related use cases - including anti-counterfeit and streamlined commissioning. We also demo the Secure Identity customization workflow.


45 Minutes


Josh Norem

Senior Systems Engineer
Silicon Labs


Brent Wilson

Sr. Mgr Security Apps
Silicon Labs

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