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OT-101: OpenThread Hands-On Lab

OpenThread and Networking Concepts Training
This material is 2 of 2 in the OpenThread 100 - Networking Concepts Introduction.

This training shares an introduction to OpenThread, discusses commissioning and border routers, and a hands-on exercise creating an OpenThread network.


Hands-On: Create an OpenThread network with two nodes involving three WSTKs with BRD4170A

Demonstration: Commissioning with OpenThread Border Router

Note: Lab Manual available as attachment in the video player.

Lab Procedure

Hands-On Tutorial with OpenThread

Lab Materials

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Hardware Pre-requisites

  • 3 x SLWRB4170A : xG12 Dual Band Radio Board
  • 3 x WSTK Boards
  • Raspberry Pi 3B+ /4
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