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Accelerate AI/ML at the Edge with xG24 and Edge Impulse

This material is 3 of 4 in the MG24 Tech Lab Workshop Series.

Learn about the features of the EFR32MG24 wireless SoC including advanced AI/ML capabilities while getting hands-on experience with the help of Silicon Labs' expert engineers. Each project session will explore and solve challenges developers often face when designing battery-powered IoT end devices.

About The Session

In this MG24 Tech Lab workshop, Louis Moreau from Edge Impulse demonstrates how to build a keyword recognition application from scratch by collecting data from the embedded sensors, training and validating your machine learning pipeline using Edge Impulse Studio, as well as deploying the custom model back to your device.

You can view the necessary pre-work, lab procedures, and recorded session below.


Louis Moreau

Senior DevRel Engineer
Edge Impulse

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