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Accelerate AI/ML at the Edge with xG24 and SensiML

This material is 2 of 4 in the MG24 Tech Lab Workshop Series.

Learn about the features of the EFR32MG24 wireless SoC including advanced AI/ML capabilities while getting hands-on experience with the help of Silicon Labs' expert engineers. Each project session will explore and solve challenges developers often face when designing battery-powered IoT end devices.

About this Session:

In this MG24 Tech Lab workshop, Chris Rogers and Chris Knorowski from SensiML demonstrate how to build a model to classify guitar tuning notes that can run entirely on a microcontroller using the SensiML Analytics Toolkit. This workshop will provide you with the knowledge to build an audio recognition model.

You will learn how to:

  • Collect and annotate audio data
  • Applying signal preprocessing
  • Train a classification algorithm
  • Create firmware optimized for the resource budget of an edge device


Chris Rogers


Chris Knorowski


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