MSRP $64.00

EFR32FG25 863-876 MHz +16 dBm Radio Board

The EFR32FG25 +16 dBm Radio Board is designed work with the WSTK main board (not included) to support the development of Wireless IoT devices based on Sub-GHz wireless protocols for Proprietary, Connect and Wi-SUN. The kit includes a +16 dBm 863-876 MHz radio board that provides a complete reference design for the EFR32FG25 Wireless SoC.

MSRP $64.00

FG25-RB4271A Radio Board Select Columns
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Included Device Flash RAM Output Power (dBm) Proprietary Sub-GHz Proprietary 2.4 GHz BLE Bluetooth 5 Bluetooth Mesh Zigbee Thread
1920 512 16

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