MSRP $379.00

Z-Wave 700 Starter Kit

This kit is obsolete and has been replaced with SLWSTK6050B.

The Z-Wave 700 Wireless Starter Kit includes the Z-Wave software stack, sample code and integrated debug adapter. A single world-wide development kit for both end devices and gateways with multiple radio boards enable developers to create a mesh network and evaluate the Z-Wave 700 module.

With the supporting Simplicity Studio suite of tools, developers can accelerate their wireless application development; mesh networking debug and Z-Wave protocol sniffer tools for analysis; and visual energy profiling and optimization. The Z-Wave 700 SDK is downloaded through Simplicity Studio. In Simplicity Studio, developers can access all documentation, developer guides and much more.

MSRP $379.00


Kit Contents

  • 2 x BRD4001A - Wireless Starter Kit Mainboard
  • 2 x BRD4202A - ZGM130S Radio Board
  • 2 x BRD8029A - Buttons and LEDs Expansion Board
  • 1 x SLUSB001A - UZB-7 USB stick
  • 1 x UZB-S - (ACC-UZB3-S) UZB-S USB stick network sniffer
  • 2 x SMAMFL - Flexi Antenna, male with skirt
  • 2 x ENRM002 - 1m USB A <-> USB Mini B cable

Kit Features

  • Z-Wave 700 SiP module Radio Boards to start your development
  • Z-Wave Application Framework and pre-certified common end device application code
  • Expansion header allows easy expansion and direct integration with Z-Wave Application Framework
  • Z-Wave UZB-7 stick to get started with your gateway development on a Linux machine
  • Pre-built Z/IP and Z-Ware binaries allow for easy gateway development at your preferred API level

Simplicity Studio Features

  • Auto-detection for lab evaluation, software development and sample applications
  • Z-Wave Application Framework
  • Certified Application Code
  • Z-Wave Sniffer
  • Z-Wave PC Controller
  • Energy Profiler

Step 1: Download and Install Simplicity Studio Version 5

Get up and running quickly with precompiled demos, application notes, and examples. Use advanced tools including energy profiling to optimize your MCU application. Choose your software package below.

Step 2: Plug-in Your Kit and Use Simplicity Studio to Install the Z-Wave 700 SDK

After plugging in your kit, launch Simplicity Studio and Open Package Manager in the left upper corner (green downward arrow under the menu bar). Select the desired stacks and download them. Visit the package manager regularly for updates.

Step 3: Let’s Get Started with Z-Wave 700

Through Simplicity Studio, you can download the following Getting Started Guides:

  • Z-Wave 700 Getting Started for End Devices
  • How to Use Certified Apps in Z-Wave 700
  • Z-Wave 700 Getting Started for Controller Devices

Step 4: Z-Wave Certification

Interoperability between all Z-Wave products is the cornerstone of the brand. In order to make this brand promise to developers, customers, and consumers, there is a straight-forward certification program in place. All Z-Wave products must be certified before commercial launch. When the certification requirements have been met, products can feature the Z-Wave interoperability logo badges. Get more information on the Z-Wave Certification here:

For an overview of the entire Z-Wave Certification process refer to the following document found in Simplicity Studio:

  • Prepare for Z-Wave Certification Tests (Certification Overview)

Step 5: Z-Wave Specification

As the product must meet specific requirements in order to pass certification it is strongly recommended to consider the technical requirements for your device early in the process. Get the overview of the Z-Wave Specifications here:

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Radio Boards Included Device Flash RAM Z-Wave
Included Device: ZGM130S037HGN
512 64
Included Device: ZGM130S037HGN
512 64
256 32

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