Protocol Life Cycle

Silicon Labs will add new features based on market requirements and continously improve the Z-Wave Protocol to position the Z-Wave Ecosystem.

The Z-Wave Protocol Life Cycle is a process to provide rapid innovation, new features and robust matured protocol release to Z-Wave Partners.

The Z-Wave Protocol Life Cycle defines the maturation process of Z-Wave Protocol generations and consist of three phases divided in five Life Cycle stages.

Ascent Phase (BETA)

Silicon Labs releases new Z-Wave protocol generations (branches), i.e. initial BETA release of a Z-Wave Protocol generation that will introduce major new features/functions or support for a new Z-Wave Single Chip generation.


Each new generation will generate follow on matured releases to resolve protocol issues prioritized by Silicon Labs and based on input from Z-Wave Alliance Partners.


After a period of 17-24 months in the maturity phase a branch/release is discontinued and for an additional period (up to 24 months) a discontinued branch/release will be monitored since products based on this branch may still be shipping or under warranty in the field.

Life Cycle Status
Version Number (Example) Overview/Recommend Use Support Provided New Features Minor Change Request Added Severe Issues Fixed Moderate
/Minor Issues Fixed
Presence of Issue Verified
(Ascent Phase)
X.50 Relase to provide early access to new features and enabling early development & testing.
Not for volume production - BETA release will immediately enter OBSOLETE status once a matured release is active for the same branch.
- BETA version will not be released with known servere issues, but may have moderate or minor issues
- Protocol issues found on in BETA release are fixed in forthcoming release
(Maturity Phase)

X.28, X.29 ... X.2n

Matured release for volume production

Subsequent ACTIVE releases introduced as bug-fix releases or additional minor functionality. Recommended for volume production

- Full support on ACTIVE releases based on classification of issues
- New matured releases are provided typically 5-8 every months 
(Maturity Phase)
X.25 Status of the previous version, once a new version of the same branch is released. Not recommended for new products - Support is provided
- Protocol issues is provided through Z-Wave Technical Service (ZTS) website
- Protocol issues are fixed in the corresponding ACTIVE release
(Decline Phase)
X.06 Status when branch/release is three or more generations older than newest ACTIVE branch/release. OEM is recommended in upgrading product(s) to newer branch release - Protocol issues reported or found will be verified on MONITORED releases
- Information is provided through ZTS website
—* YES
(Decline Phase)
(X-1).2x MONITORED release will be OBSOLETE after a period up to 24 months. - No longer supported

Protocol Life Cycle

Series Branch SDK Z/IP GW Z-Ware Release Date (DD/MM/YY) Life Cycle
700 7.1x 7.12.1 7.11.2 7.11.2 02-Aug-2019 Active 
7.11.1 7.11.1 7.11.1 12-Jul-2019 Maintained
7.11.0 7.11.0 7.11.0 29-Mar-2019 Maintained
Series Branch SDK API Keil Release Date (DD/MM/YY) Life Cycle
500 6.8x 6.82.00 6.08.00 9.54a 11-Oct-2019 Active
6.81.06 6.07.00 9.54a 19-Jul-2019 Maintained
6.81.05 6.06.00 9.54a 20-May-2019 Maintained 
6.81.04 6.05.00 9.54a 4-Mar-2019 Monitored
6.81.03 6.04.00 9.54a 8-Oct-2018 Monitored
6.81.02 6.03.00 9.54a 31-May-2018 Monitored
6.81.01 6.02.00 9.54a 22-Mar-2018 Monitored
6.81.00 6.01.00 9.54a 27-Sep-2017 Monitored
6.7x 6.71.03 5.03.00 9.54a 1-Aug-2018 Monitored
6.71.02 5.02.00  9.54a 13-Jul-2017 Monitored
6.71.01 4.61 9.54a 3-Jan-2017 Monitored
6.71.00 4.6 9.54a 20-Jan-2017 Monitored
6.6x 6.61.01 4.62 9.54a 4-Jun-2017 Monitored
6.5x 6.51.10 4.54 9.54a 2-Sep-2017 Monitored
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