Telegesis ETRX357 zigbee® Radio Modules

The ETRX3 series modules have a footprint of just 19 mm x 25 mm for both standard and PA/LNA versions which represents a 40% reduction in size compared to the ETRX2 module. They will be available with either an on board antennae or a Hirose U.FL connector to allow connection of external antennae. A link budget of 105 dB on the standard ETRX3 module gives excellent performance and RF power can be further boosted by use of the ETRX3-LRS which adds the new SiGe SE2432 front-end module containing both LNA+PA for highest possible link budget. The ETRX3 series are low power 2.4 GHz zigbee Radio modules integrating a 2.4 GHz, IEEE 802.15.4 compliant transceiver with up to 192k of flash, 12k of RAM, and many advanced peripherals. The EM357 and EM351 utilise an efficient architecture that exceeds the dynamic range requirements imposed by the IEEE 802.15.4-2003 standard by over 15 dB. The integrated receive channel filtering allows for robust co-existence with other communication standards in the 2.4 GHz spectrum, such as IEEE 802.11 and Bluetooth®.

Module Specifications

Module Features:

  • EM300 series zigbee SOC featuring 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M3 processor
  • Up to 192 k of Flash, 12 k of RAM
  • 128 µS Wakeup
  • Improved Hardware MAC Acceleration
  • JTAG Interface for Programming and Debugging
  • Improved Peripherals (ADC, timers etc.)
  • Chip Antenna or U.FL coaxial Connector


  • High RX Sensitivity -99 dBm (-100 dBm Boost)
  • TX output power 3dBm (8 dBm Boost)
  • RX current: 25 mA, TX current: 31mA at 3dBm


  • High RX Sensitivity -106 dBm
  • TX output power +20 dBm (adj. down to -21 dBm)
  • RX current: 31.5 mA, TX current: 140 mA at 20 dBm

Environmental & Qualifications:

  • FCC compliance modular approval
  • CE European Regulations
  • Approvals for Canada, S Africa, Australia & NZ


  • 19mm x 25 mm x 3 mm

Get Started with the ETRX357 Radio Module

ETRX357 Development Kit

The ETRX357 Development Kit is the ideal starting point for development and evaluation of the ETRX357 Module family. The Development Kit allows a zigbee mesh network to be set up in a few minutes without the need for any embedded firmware using the Telegesis AT command line interface running on a host PC.

Buy Kit

ETRX3 Modules Options

Part Number Buy Module Documentation Description
Telegesis Module, Chip Antenna, R309
ETRX357HR Telegesis Module, UFL, R309
ETRX357HR-LRS Telegesis Module, Long Range, UFL, R309
ETRX357HR-LRS-C31 Telegesis Module, Long Range, UFL, CICIE R310 Firmware for Automation Hubs and Gateways
ETRX357-LRS Telegesis Module, Long Range, Chip Antenna, R309
ETRX357-LRS-C31 Telegesis Module, Long Range, Chip Antenna, CICIE R310 Firmware for Automation Hubs and Gateways


Title Version Resource Type
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