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Panel Discussion

Connected Smart Medical Devices

Emmanuel Sambuis, our Executive Director & Manager of Consumer & Medical Business, joins connected health experts to discuss the importance of connected smart medical device security at Parks Associates Connected Health Summit.


Healthcare Transformation Drives the IoT Medical Devices Market

Wireless medical device technology such as remote monitoring, portable instruments and location services is transforming healthcare and driving increased efficiency with decreased costs and improved care quality and patient experience. The worldwide wireless portable medical device market is projected to grow an average of 12% yearly until 2025, adding a US $17 billion addressable revenue for the manufacturers and device makers, according to Business Wire. Secure wireless connectivity is imperative to create safe and convenient user experiences.  
Solutions for IoT Medical Devices
By integrating biometric and environmental measurements with data connectivity to the cloud, innovative solutions are emerging to improve our everyday lives. Make use of integrated microcontrollers, Bluetooth connectivity and biometric sensors from Silicon Labs to extend or reimagine fitness, medical and healthcare devices. Explore the secure wireless solutions that Silicon Labs offers. 

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Filo Leverages Silicon Labs Bluetooth Modules for Life-Saving Baby Car Seat Alarm

Featured Products

Wireless Gecko Starter Kit

The EFR32xG22 (xG22) Wireless Starter Kit (WSTK) is designed to support the edge node type requirements of Bluetooth, Zigbee and Proprietary wireless protocols such as Zigbee Green Power. The xG22 WSTK provides all the necessary tools for developing high-volume, scalable wireless IoT applications. 

Bluetooth Low Energy EFR32BG22 SoCs

BG22 is an ultra-compact, highly energy-efficient Bluetooth Low Energy SoC for battery-powered medical devices. It can extend your device lifetime to 10 years with a coin cell battery and supports market-leading security to protect against attacks. 

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