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SMC-101: Introducing the Smart City

This material is 1 of 7 in the Works With 2021: Smart City Development and Wi-SUN.

Discover how and why wireless connectivity is galvanizing Smart City development.


In this session, we discuss how IoT can power the modernization of municipal utilities such as the provision of electricity, gas, and water, to make smart cities.

For example, recent advancements are requiring the integration of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) into the electric grid (i.e., solar, wind power, battery storage, EVSE) to help improve demand response in the name of energy efficiency.

New infrastructure is also required to enable enhanced smart city applications such as air quality sensors, methane gas detectors, smart street lighting, waste management, weather stations, and traffic lighting systems.

We also discuss how Silicon Labs’ IoT product and technology portfolio are at the forefront of unlocking the massive IoT potential in smart cities.


45 Minutes




Soumya Shyamasundar

Product Manager
Silicon Labs

Dane Taylor

Channel Marketing Manager
Silicon Labs


Abhijit Grewal

Marketing Director
Silicon Labs

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