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SMC-106: IoT Driving Next Generation Solar and EV Charging

This material is 7 of 7 in the Works With 2021: Smart City Development and Wi-SUN.

Discover how and why wireless connectivity is galvanizing Smart City development.


As more demand is being placed on the electricity grid, we are seeing it evolve to support new methods of generation.

Harnessing solar energy has been possible in some capacity for hundreds, even thousands of years. But it was not until recent years that technological advancements have finally enabled solar energy to become a primary, financially-viable energy source. One of the key enablers in the long-awaited maturation of solar energy provision has been IoT connectivity. Likewise, thanks to IoT connectivity electric vehicle charging networks have become practical and economically sound.

In this session, Industrial IoT tech provider, Digi International, share their experiences with IoT connectivity in solar and EV charging applications.


45 Minutes




Edward Pawlak

Sr. Product Manager
Silicon Labs


Kyle Sporre

Senior Product Manager
Digi International

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