MSRP $44.00

EFM32PG22 Dev Kit

The PG22 Dev Kit is a low cost, small form factor prototype and development platform for the EFM32PG22 microcontroller. The board is a small and cost-effective, feature-rich, prototype and development platform based on the EFM32™ microcontroller. The PG22 Dev Kit is an ideal platform for developing energy-friendly electronic devices. A built-in SEGGER J-Link debugger ensures easy debugging through the USB Micro-B connector. Most of the EFM32PG22 I/Os are routed to breakout pads on the sides of the board making it easy to expand on the board and evaluate the EFM32PG22's features with custom hardware.

MSRP $44.00


Target Device

  • EFM32PG22 microcontroller
  • 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M33 with 76.8 MHz maximum operating frequency
  • 512 kB flash and 32 kB RAM
  • Energy-efficient MCU core with low active and sleep currents
  • Secure Boot with Root of Trust and Secure Loader (RTSL)

Kit Contents

  • 1x PG22 Dev Kit board (BRD2503A)

Key Features

  • Power control of on-board peripherals for ultra-low power operation
  • Relative humidity and temperature sensor
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Hall effect sensor
  • 6-axis inertial sensor
  • PDM stereo microphones
  • 8 Mbit serial flash
  • User LED and push button
  • 20-pin 2.54 mm breakout pads
  • SEGGER J-Link on-board debugger
  • Virtual COM port
  • Mini Simplicity connector for AEM and virtual COM using external Silicon Labs debugger
  • USB or coin cell battery powered

Step 1: Download and Install Simplicity Studio Version 5

Get up and running quickly with precompiled demos, application notes, and examples. Use advanced tools including energy profiling to optimize your MCU application. Choose your software package below.

Step 2: Plugin Your Kit and Use Simplicity Studio to Install the Desired SDKs

After plugging in your kit, launch Simplicity Studio and Open Package Manager in the left upper corner (green downward arrow under the menu bar). Select the 32-bit MCU SDK and download it. Visit the package manager regularly for updates.

  • 32-bit MCU SDK

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